i shop: Potato Feet

Its FriYAY !!!! Let me tell you what….I am ever so happy to see the weekend! This week has been one for the books….crazy busy with sickness and appointments and people coming to the house to work on our master bathroom ( yes that is still going on….sore subject) and more sickness.

I am dedicated to a bunch of momma made shops that I have found on the gram….but places like Old Navy -Carters-TJ Maxx and Target have been a huge success as well. You guys have easy access to those places….so I want to introduce to you the adorable little shops that I have discovered on the internet. Although shopping at little “ma and pop” shops can get a little expensive….I get that satisfaction of helping a fellow momma/woman out! Plus the cuteness and uniqueness doesn’t hurt either! 🙂 Normally I will buy just a few staple pieces from these shops and pair them with clothes I have bought from franchise stores. Because D U H who doesn’t like seeing a full shopping cart at Old Navy or Carters and loving that low price at the end?!

So today I am going to talk about a little shop called Potato Feet. Here is the About Us for Potato Feet.

“Our eldest son was born in February of 2010. He weighed in at 9lbs, 1oz and showed no signs of sliming down anytime soon. When he was still very young, the only shoes that fit him had hard soles and were made for older children. Not wanting to jam our boy’s foot into a rubber box, we decided to make our own. 

Some moms began taking notice and asked if I could make some for their children. More and more moms started asking for shoes and even offering to pay for them. With each pair, I modified my design until it was perfect.

While at the grocery store, my son was wearing a new pair that I had made out of an old pair of my husband’s brown jeans. A young girl noticed my son’s feet sticking out from his stroller and shouted “Look Mommy! Potatoes!” And PotatoFeet was born. 

These soft soled shoes offer plenty of wiggle room in the toe box for your child’s foot to develop without restriction. And the elastic opening allows for flexibility so the shoe can grow with your child but also keeps the shoe from falling off.

All shoes are handmade in Los Angeles California.”

This momma has an assortment of Booties-Loafers and Moccs for your little. The sizes run from NB to 24 months. She also makes adorable Pacifier Clips.  The prices range anywhere from $33 to $45.00. I know …I know….”but my littles feet grow so fast!”. Follow this shop on the gram….they run specials all the time….plus there is a clearance tab on the website.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)


I mean seriously ! All the feels for these black moccs!!!! Little loves them! They are soft and light. So with learning to walk….they are perfect!!!! If you don’t have a little…the site would be perfect when shopping for a birthday or baby shower gift!

I hope your weekend is just as amazing as you are!!!


-love ashley

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